Type 2+ car insurance

Choosing type 2+ car insurance may be the right choice. It covers almost any damage caused by collision with vehicles, damage by natural disasters, fire damage or theft, and medical expenses. (Not cover the case of a collision without another party)

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Type 2+ car insurance
Net premium
(Stamps duty and VAT included)
100,000 Baht 5,492 Baht 5,900 Baht
200,000 Baht 6,423 Baht 6,900 Baht
300,000 Baht 7,353 Baht 7,900 Baht


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Type 2+ car insurance coverage table

Coverage Type 2+ car insurance
Third-Party Liability  
1) Third-party bodily injury Up to 500,000 Baht/person
  Up to 10,000,000 Baht/accident
2) Third-party property damage Up to 1,000,000 Baht/accident
Additional coverage  
Personal accident coverage 100,000 Baht/person
Medical expenses 100,000 Baht/person
Bail bond coverage 300,000 Baht/accident
Damage to your car  
Fire damage or theft Cover
Collision with another party Cover
Deductibles (In case you are at fault) Adapt


What are the repair plans for type 2+ car insurance?

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