24-hour roadside assistance

Pocket gives you peace of mind like having a friend during the whole trip with ‘24-hour roadside assistance service’. We will be right here beside you anywhere and anytime. Worry-free if there is any event of a breakdown. Just call us at 1790, our adjuster is ready to assist you.  

24-hour roadside assistance service includes

  • Tyre change in cases of blow-outs tyre or flat tyre and jump start a battery
    - Two times per year
  • Refueling services (not exceeding 10 liters) when you run out of gas so you can drive to the nearest gas station
    - Once per year
  • Car lifting/towing service for a maximum distance of 35 kilometers. You will be charged for the distance beyond 35 kilometers - which our service personnel will inform you beforehand
    - Once per year
  • 24-hour technical consultation services for vehicle breakdowns
    - Unlimited


Service Conditions

  1. Roadside assistance service is a complimentary service is applicable for tyre changing, jumpstart a battery , car lifting/towing, and technical consultation services case only.
  2. Policy holder/car’s owner or authorized person need to attend at the car. If our service staff arrives at the scene and you are not there, so that we need to assign the staff to meet you as 2nd time. You shall be asked for a service fee.
  3. In case of a flat blow-out or flat tyre, our service is to help remove and replace with spare tyre.
  4. In case of running out of battery, our service is to jump start.
  5. In case of running out of gas, our service is refueling service at maximum of 10 litres of gasoline, gasohol or diesel with a limited 1 time request per year.
  6. If your vehicle is using LPG or NGV engine, we will provide car towing service, to the nearest gas station.
  7. The complimentary lifting/towing service is at maximum distance of 35 kilometres. You will be charged for the distance beyond 35 kilometres – which our service personnel will inform you beforehand.
  8. Other expenses i.e. spare part, accessory, labour fee of the subcontracted provider are borne by policy holder or service requester.



  1. This service is for a 4 wheel-vehicle which must be used for private purposes only. It does not include trucks, taxis, cargo trucks and public transport.
  2. This service is valid for the insured vehicle of The company only.
  3. The company reserves the right to make changes in services and conditions without prior notice.

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