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About Pocket

Pocket (พ็อกเก็ต) is an online car insurance website in Thailand

Pocket is a part of leading global insurance company named LMG Insurance Public Company Limited to provide insurance service that serves the motorists need and their lifestyle at the valuable price. You can get a car insurance quote by yourself anywhere through the payment process. For after sales service and claim are handled by LMG Insurance Public Company Limited, where our claim experts are there to help you anywhere and anytime so you can rest assured that you’ll receive great claim service which is easy, convenient and fast with standardized repair work done by specialized experts.

Our office is located at Jasmine City Building, 14th, 15th, 17th, and 19th Floor, 2 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

About car insurance

Compulsory Motor Insurance, also known as “Por Ror Bor” is a mandatory insurance required by law according to the Motor Victims Protection Act B.E. 1992. All vehicles that are registered with the Department of  Land Transport require to do this type of insurance. This mandatory insurance covers all third-party liability costs for any injuries or loss of life following a car accident accoding to the limit of liability which was specified in the policy in terms of compensation and medical expenses as required by law.

Covers injuries or deaths caused by accidents from vehicles that have CMI such as drivers, passengers, third parties, pedestrians, etc., The compensation will be paid in the event of injury. dismemberment, disability, or death.

Voluntary Motor Insurance or private insurance is an optional insurance driver can choose to buy. It gives better protection than the legal requirement of Compulsory Motor Insurance. You can buy Voluntary Motor Insurance with us here.

Voluntary Motor Insurance will pay compensation when having an accident which depends on the coverage types. If you want to cover your vehicle against any damage, Type 1 motor insurance may be the best option.

Different in coverage. CMI will provide protection only for damage incurred to a person but not cover damage incurred to the vehicle. That's why we recommended to top up CMI with Voluntary Motor Insurance which compensate for injuries, death and property of another party, also compensate for our car repairs as well.

At Pocket, you can choose to buy only car insurance or buy car insurance with CMI.

Many factors affect the premium of each person which include sum insured, driving behavior, type of car insurance, specified driver, age, gender, repair type, deductibles, and car make/models.

The car insurance still covers under the Company conditions which were specified for the remaining time of insurance policy period. If the car owner sells or transfers to others who have a career in trading, renting, repairing, or maintaining the car, the policy coverage will be expired from the date and time of purchasing the car.

Car insurance will cover the standard accessories which come with the car only. Any modifications made to your car must be informed to the Company. If not, the Company can not compensate it. However, claim department may determine the amount of coverage not exceeding 10% of sum insured and up to 100.000 baht.

Yes, you can but with some conditions. In case of a little damage to your car such as 2-3 scratches, the staff will do the remark damage which this remark damage can’t be repaired because it occurred previously. In case of heavy damage, the Company may refuse to do car insurance.

The insurance may cover only fresh claim. Both fresh claim and dry claim will be covered after pre-inspection completion.

Buying car insurance

You can see how to buy car insurance here.

  • Copy of vehicle registration
  • Copy of identification card
  • Copy of old policy (In case of changing the sum insured)
  • Copy of driver’s license (If specified driver is needed)

Yes, you can. The best period to renew your car insurance is about 1-3 months in advance before the expiration date. Because you can take your time to choose the best plan that suits you and you can renew your car insurance with CMI and use them to renew the annual tax as well.

Car cover will immediately start after payment completion. But if you have not finished the pre-inspection yet, you can make a fresh claim only.

You can see the pre-inspection process with Pocket here.

About policy

You can get the policy within 14 working days after payment and pre-inspection completion.

Our Pocket customers have an option to get the policy by Thailand post or e-Policy by email.

E-Policy also known as an electronic policy, is an electronic policy that will be sent to the customer via email instead of sending the policy as paper. This electronic policy will be attached with the coverage document, coverage conditions, attachment, and the receipt that can be used as an evidence of reference. The customer can make a claim immediately without printing out the documents. This can help reduce the delivery process to speed up the policy submission and also decrease the use of paper which can preserve the environment.

Yes, you can. You will get an endorsement which specified all details.

About claims

Please prepare the required documents: a copy of driver’s license, policy number, and vehicle registration before proceeding to call our accident response centre at 1790. Our accident response centre will coordinate with the adjuster to help you at the accident scene and issue a claim note. You can bring your car for repairs to any garage.

Please prepare the required documents: the driver’s license, policy number, and claim note to speed up the claim service. You can bring your car over for repairs at any garage without calling the adjuster. The garage will inform the claim, repair cost, and bill the cost to the Company via online.

Fresh claim is a claim that requires an adjuster to investigate the scene of the car accident for collecting all details and evidence. Then the adjuster will issue the claim note to the driver for bringing out the car for repair at the garage. After that, the garage will inform the claim, repair cost and bill the cost to the Company.

Dry claim is making a claim after having an accident and does not require an adjuster to investigate at the scene of the car accident. This claim consists of accidents that do not involve another party and with minor damages from accidentally hitting a pole/tree, or scratching the footpath.

The required documents are the driver’s license, policy number, and vehicle registration.

Dealer garage brings the car out for repairs in particular car brands. The advantage is that you can get the standardized repair work even using one is likely to incur extra costs. There is a long queue and it does not cover all areas. On the other hand, network garage can be divided to 2 types which are In-Network garage and outside. The advantage of using this one is your car insurance premium will work out cheaper than using your own dealer garage. There are many garages and many locations to choose from. No need to wait in a long queue. However, some garages may not have an after-repair service.

You can find our garages here.

Yes, you can make a claim because your car will be insured after payment and pre-inspection completion.

The driver involved in the accident must lodge police to investigate, follow up, and prosecute suspects. If you are unable to specify, you must be responsible for excess or deductibles according to the conditions in the policy of 2,000 baht in all cases and each accident.

Although there are many coverages from car insurance, it does not cover for the benefit of using the car. If you are right in the event of an accident, the law allows you to ask the benefit of using the car from another party directly. The cost of damage should be proved and estimated.


Every case for type 1 car insurance with Pocket need a pre-inspection.

  1. Click the link that you receive via email or SMS to start the pre-inspection process
  2. Taking photos as instruction of pre-inspection
  3. Our pre-inspection team reviews all submitted photos
  4. You will receive your pre-inspection result via email

About payment

  • Pay with a credit card
  • Pay by QR Code

All payments will be done by secured link.


You can cancel the policy by informing us with the insured name, vehicle registration, and your contact number via our channels as follows:

If your car period has not yet reached and there are no claims, you can cancel the policy and get a full refund. On the other hand, if the car insurance is already covered, you can get the refund amount as specified by OIC.

Normally, you can get a refund within 15 working days. (Excluding public holidays and holidays)

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