Things to know when making a car insurance claim

A car collision is an unexpected event and no one wants to make it happens. It’s so difficult to handle if it is the first accident. Especially the new drivers may panic and not know what to do. Hence, Pocket gathered information to handle this situation. Let’s check it out.


The first thing to do when the accident happens is stay calm and collect details of the accident, damage, and the scene of an accident by taking a photo as an evidence before calling the insurer.

Claim Process

Making a claim is divided into 2 types which are fresh claim and dry claim.

Fresh claim: Claim that requires an adjuster to investigate at the scene of the car accident. This is divided into 2 types as follows:  

  1. Fresh claim involve with other party

This is the case of a collision with another car. The adjuster may investigate and determine which party is at fault. The offending party may have to pay a deductible to another first as agreed with the insurer.

  1. Fresh claim not involve with another party

This is the case of collision with objects or objects that can’t identify another party or are not caused by a direct collision and there is only damage to the surface of the car paint such as damage from scratch, stone, and slashing the branch. For this case, the insured must pay an excess first. The amount of excess to pay may vary in each case.

* Please check all conditions and coverage details in the policy.

What should I do when making a “Fresh claim”?

  1. For your safety, please turn on the emergency lights immediately when an accident occurred.
  2. Please prepare the following required documents: policy number and copy of the vehicle registration to inform the staff. And also provide all information about the accident such as the location of the accident or any other notable details. This will help speed up your claim process.
  3. If someone is injured or the vehicle is stalled at the scene of the accident, please inform the staff for immediate ambulance or forklift assistance.
  4. The accident response centre will coordinate with the adjuster who is located nearest to the accident scene and help you as soon as possible so that you are able to proceed with repairs at the garage immediately.
  5. Bringing your vehicle with the claim note which was issued by the adjuster for the repair process.

Dry claim: Making a claim after having an accident and do not require an adjuster to investigate at the scene of the car accident. In such claims, the driver of the insured vehicle can send the damaged vehicle for repairs at any of the In-Network Garages before the expiry date of the policy. This claim consists of accidents that do not involve another party and with minor damages from accidentally hitting a pole/tree, or scratching the footpath. Dry claim bumping into a wall or hitting a pole. There is only a dry claim for type 1 car insurance that covers the "Claim paint for the whole car" due to the policy conditions.

What should I do when making a “Dry claim”?

  1. Make an appointment with the In-Network garage by filling up a car insurance claim form and preparing all the required documents that including a copy of the driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance policy.
  2. Bringing the vehicle over for repairs.

Pocket’s customers can call our LMG accident response centre number at 1790 and press “1” to report the accident and make a car insurance claim. We are available 24 Hours, nationwide. We have an efficient, modern work system that helps to report accidents quickly. There is also a Digital Map and GPS system to help dispatch the adjuster who is located nearest to the accident scene and provide you with help as soon as possible.

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