What can I claim with CMI that have been renewed every year?

CMI or Compulsory Motor Insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers. Do you know? How does the benefit of CMI have to be renewed every year? It is essential to know and understand it correctly so you can make a reimbursement claim

What can I claim with CMI

What can I claim with CMI?

In case of an accident, you can claim as follows:

1. Preliminary Compensation (without proof of fault)

  • Injury: You can claim for medical expenses (actual payment) with a maximum compensation amount of 30,000 baht per person
  • Loss of organs or permanent disability: In case of damage to the body causing the loss of organs or permanent disability can get compensation of up to 35,000 baht per person
  • Death: The statutory heirs of the victims will be compensated for cremation costs and necessary expenses related to funeral arrangements for 35,000 baht per person

2. Additional Expenses This part will be paid after proven at fault. The insurance company of the party at fault will pay compensation to the victims or the heirs of the victims which is divided into the following cases:

  • Injury: For the medical expense with a maximum of 80,000 baht per person
  • Death, loss of organs, or disability: Will compensate for 500,000 baht per person (medical expense included)

How to claim with CMI if I am involved in an accident?

The reimbursement for the preliminary claim must be submitted to the insurance company within 180 days from the date of the accident supported with necessary documentation or evidence as follows:

1. Injury claim

  • Receipts from hospitals
  • Copy of ID card or evidence issued by the government
  • In case of an injury victim who later becomes disabled, should submit a medical certificate or evidence indicating that the victim is a disability together with a copy of a police report or other evidence showing that the victim has been damaged by a car accident

2. Death claim

  • A copy of the death certificate
  • A copy of the policy’s report
  • A copy of an ID card or documentary evidence, issued by the government that can be proved

Do I still need to buy car insurance if I had a CMI?

It is advisable to purchase additional car insurance to cover other types of damages that may occur to your vehicle or others in the event of an accident because CMI only covers bodily injury and death compensation for victims involved in a car accident. It does not cover other types of damages such as car repair costs, painting costs, compensation for car lost, fires or floods, etc.

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